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HelenasMostWanted.com is for locals, about locals. It's about supporting your family, friends, and neighbors...by supporting local businesses.

When you shop locally you keep people employed and you help them increase their wages.  Those businesses you shop at and their employees in turn spend money locally.  Recycling those dollars locally helps the economy stay healthy and grow.

Shopping local also promotes entrepreneurship and community responsibility.   Entrepreneurship is the backbone of our country and what helps people become more successful and increase their standard of living.  Locally owned businesses tend to feel more of a connection and a responsibility to the area and its residents.  They get excited and want to help make the town they live in a better place.  Local owners feel pride in their businesses and their neighborhoods.  They have more input and care more about decisions that are made about their neighborhoods.

So shop at one of Helena's Most Wanted businesses and help support your family, friends, and neighbors.

Our Mission

"To provide local businesses an affordable online advertising resource for targeting consumers in the greater Helena area."


"We help small businesses reach a large local target audience through affordable group advertising that is focused on local media outlets, thereby helping consumers save money and support the local economy. It helps consumers and businesses alike."


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Build your dream home here!Build your dream home here!
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2017 ITA Orientation Workshop
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