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What is HelenasMostWanted.com?

It is a way for locally owned small businesses to come together to market themselves and share in the cost of local advertising in order to reach a larger audience.

Internet retailers have made it convenient for consumers to find almost anything they want at the click of a mouse. From the comfort of your living room, you can check out the latest iPhone or compare prices on a new sofa, but the costs of spending your money outside your hometown might be greater than you think.

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Will I Ever Get Out of Debt?

The recent rise in interest rates and the projection of more to come, has many of us paying closer attention to our credit card and other debt. In some cases, it may be encouraging people to buy high ticket items now rather than later, when interest rates are expected to be higher. In other cases, it has many of us worried that paying off debt is just going to get tougher the higher rates go.

You hear “Turn Around Shop in Town” ads on the radio often, and even more so as we enter the holiday shopping season. They sound good. We all want to support our town, but does shopping in town really make a difference? Or are we just doing it to make ourselves feel good?

You can relax and shop locally with confidence knowing buying in town actually does have a significant economic impact for the Helena area. And, it has benefits for the shopper as well.

Fall is called a shoulder season for reason. The fun, yet hectic summer frenzy gives way to a more sane routine with the kids back in school. Now is a good time to take a deep breath, enjoy the moment and then look ahead to the next frenzied season on the horizon…the holidays. If you start now, you will reap abundant benefits come December.

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Protecting Pets in the Heat of Summer

Pet protection. It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the “Dog Days of Summer.”  Time flies when are having fun in the sun.  When you are enjoying spending quality time with your dogs and cats remember that they don’t like being overly hot any more than we do.  So how does one keep your furry friends safe in the heat of summer?  The ASPCA has some helpful tips.

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Saying Thank You

In America small towns are cherished for quaint small businesses, unique merchandise and a guaranteed smile followed by a giant thank you. Is that still the case or have we as small business owners been so concerned about surviving in a Dog eat Dog environment that the Giant Thank You has been lost? The Business News Daily ran this story about "Thank you, is thanks enough", I say we train our employees to smile and thank customers bringing back the sense of small town pride not only for visitors to Helena but for the local customers that focus on Support Local, Shop Local.

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Small Businesses are making a comeback!

Small businesses are making a come back in 2015, read about the 50 big ideas, predictions and trends that are happening according to Business News daily! You will be surprised at how much consumers are looking at social media, we are happy to help with your advertising on social media here at Helena’s Most Wanted.
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