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We are excited to welcome BioLife Wellness Technologies
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Andersen Artisan has joined us! We are very excited to have another great builder!
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We'd like to give a big WELCOME to our newest member! Gold Rush Property Management
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360 Degree Views360 Degree Views
03-20-14 15:30:45Real Estate For SaleHelena$ 49,900.00
360 Degree Views
Canyon Ferry Lake Home For SaleCanyon Ferry Lake Home For Sale
07-13-16 09:50:41Real Estate For SaleHelena$ 350,000.00
Looking for an affordable lake front home? You fo ...
Build your dream home here!Build your dream home here!
10-19-15 12:22:20Real Estate For SaleHelena$ 89,900.00
Check out this beautiful land for sale, ready for ...

For Consumers

  • About Title Insurance What is a title insurance policy?
    Under Montana law 33-25-105 & 111, “Title insurance policy” means a contract by which, subject to its stated terms and conditions, a title insurer insures or indemnifies the insured against loss or damage sustained by reason of: defects in or liens or encumbrances on the title to the stated property: Unmarketability of the title to the stated property; or Invalidity or unenforceability of liens or encumbrances on the stated property. A title insurance policy is not an abstract of title or representation as to the condition of title to the stated property. Common terms and definitions:
    Read 10 times
  • 7 Top Tips For Choosing a Property Manager
    7 Top Tips For Choosing a Property Manager Searching for tenants can be a boring and tiresome duty if one lacks the expertise. The best remedy is to source for a good manager to manage your property at Helena apartment. These managers should be knowledgeable of the law, have good networking skills among other qualifications. Here are seven tips that should guide one when searching for a good property manager for Helena resources.
    Read 28 times
  • 2016 Summer Housing Trends Signal its a Good Time to Buy
    2016 Summer Housing Trends Signal its a Good Time to Buy If you’re planning on buying real estate in the next year, this summer and into fall would be a good time to pull the home ownership trigger because mortgage rates are expected to tick upwards in the next six months. That’s just one trend to consider as you plan for your housing future.
    Read 23 times
  • 6 Reasons Shopping Local Benefits You and Even Makes You Money
    6 Reasons Shopping Local Benefits You and Even Makes You Money Internet retailers have made it convenient for consumers to find almost anything they want at the click of a mouse. From the comfort of your living room, you can check out the latest iPhone or compare prices on a new sofa, but the costs of spending your money outside your hometown might be greater than you think.
    Read 13 times
  • 5 Critical Times to Review Your Insurance
    Written by
    5 Critical Times to Review Your Insurance Insurance protects you, your family and your home from the unexpected, but it can only do its job if the coverage is up-to-date. Use the occasion of a major life event to make sure your insurance is still suited to your needs. Review your insurance annually or during key life changes such as these:
    Read 245 times

For Businesses

  • Creating a Local Appeal Online
    Creating a Local Appeal Online As a small business owner, you likely have a greater chance to establish rapport with your customers when they come into the shop. However, you also want to create that experience on the internet, and through using the right online marketing techniques, you can. In a world where many people crave remnants of the past, such as the local and small business experience, you have manifold possibilities.
    Read 63 times
  • 5 Essentials of Small Business Marketing
    Written by
    5 Essentials of Small Business Marketing If you're a small business, your marketing budget is likely in the "every dollar counts" category. Making sure you're getting the absolute biggest bang for your buck is essential, and there are a few key things you can do to make sure you're pinching pennies properly. Here are five:
    Read 65 times
  • Retirement Plans for Small Business Owners
    Written by
    Retirement Plans for Small Business Owners We all know, small business owners have many duties and work long hours. Retirement plans may be on the back burner or possibly not even on the stove at all. Tomorrow comes fast and soon we are middle aged and have nothing to show for all the hard work we have put into our businesses over the years. Retirement plans not only help you secure your future on the beaches of Belize, but also help secure your employees’ futures, make your business more competitive in attracting and keeping good employees, and save you money at tax-time. Retirement plans are simple…
    Read 140 times
  • Are You Ignoring Half Your Market?
    Written by
    Are You Ignoring Half Your Market? Conventional wisdom was that men hated to shop. That they would go into a store buy what they needed and leave as soon as humanly possible. While there are still those men who would rather have a root canal than shop, the tide is shifting. There is a growing percent of the male population that is starting to shop more like women. More and more men are becoming open to daring fashions, are shopping at trendy retailers, and are starting to check retailers’ websites for new products. Of course if there was ever any doubt that men harbored inner fashionistas,…
    Read 493 times
  • Retailers Find Slowing Things Down Can Increase Sales
    Written by
    Retailers Find Slowing Things Down Can Increase Sales For years, the mantra has been customer convenience. Get them in the store, quickly find what the need and make it fast to check out and be on their way. While convenience is still paramount, brick and mortar retailers are finding experience to be equally important. They have learned that actually slowing down and encouraging customers to spend more time in the store “experiencing” things leads to more sales.
    Read 31 times