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Triple R Surveying
PO Box 2201
East Helena
Congratulations to Triple R Surveying for being selected as December 2015's Most Wanted Business of the Month!

Tell us about your background.
Jonathan was a born surveyor, really. His father is legendary Steve Ries and he grew up surveying. In addition to his many years gaining experience, he graduated from Flathead Community College with his degree in surveying. He is actively involved in the Montana Association of Registered Land Surveyors (MARLS) and the Central Chapter of MARLS.

How long have you been in business?
Triple R Surveying, Inc has been in business for 9 years.

What’s your business philosophy?
Our business philosophy is solving complex land issues in a professional and quick manner.

What sets you apart from your competitors?
My knowledge of land use, real estate and my experience as both a Professional Land Surveyor and Title Examiner.

Why did you join Helena’s Most Wanted?
We joined Helena's Most Wanted to help support local businesses.

About Us

Surveying has been around since ancient times, from building pyramids to the first irrigation systems, to building roads for the Romans. While surveying equipment is no longer a rope and triangle, the same philosophy of breaking down land in a consistent manner, with respect to historical accuracy, is paramount at Triple R Surveying, Inc. In modern times, Triple R Surveying specializes in finding reasonable, workable solutions to complex land problems.


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03 Jun 2017
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21 Oct 2017
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2017 ITA Orientation Workshop
04 Nov 2017
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