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Valtron Recording Studio
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Valtron Recording Studio

A horse walks into the studio. The engineer asks, “Why the long face?” This is the entertainment you get when you use the services of Valtron, a full service audio recording studio, located in Helena since 1958. Les Liedle established Valtron in 1958 and ran the studio until 1984, when his son Mike took over. Incidentally, Mike is short for microphone.

Valtron specializes in audio post production work with a digital audio workstation, an editing and mastering suite, and an analog and digital production lab. Twenty-four tracks of digital multi-track recording, a Yamaha 02R automated digital mixing console, a Protools digital audio work station, an assortment of outboard and on-board effects and processors, and a new and vintage tube, condenser, dynamic, and ribbon microphones will be used to make your recording dreams come true, right here in Helena, MT.

Over 50 years of experience in full service audio production sets Valtron apart from other recording services. Valtron is a full service production agency offering music tracks, audio for new or existing video, analog to digital audio conversions, Public Service Announcements, radio commercials, custom music jingles and anything else audio that you may want or need.

"Since 1958, If It Makes Sound, We Record It!!!"

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About Us

Recording Studio
Established in 1958, Valtron Recording Studio is Montana's oldest full service recording facility.

Valtron offers a digital audio workstation editing and mastering suite and an analog and digital post production lab. With 24 tracks of digital multi-track recording, Yamaha O2R automated digital mixing console, Protools digital audio work station, an assortment of outboard and on-board effects and processors, and new and vintage tube, condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphones. Valtron has everything to professionally produce your next audio project.


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