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5 Habits of a Small Business Champions

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There are good business practices that must be adhered to religiously to take your business to the next level. You don’t need to be a champion in business to know that you should pick up your phone calls. It's been stated over and over again that most phone calls placed to small businesses go unanswered. 62 percent of all phone calls to small businesses just keep ringing and ringing nonstop...

 If you don’t answer your phone then you do not deserve to have those customers. This demonstrates a poor service culture and shows the kind of service, your customers will get.

Here are the 5 habits a small business champion should have;

  1. Be Dependable, Be Accurate

It is highly important to create a brand reputation and to be consistent in your messages. Inaccurate information about your company will raise scepticism and drive customers away.

  1. Your Business Has a Story –Tell It

Your website should tell the story of your business and your smart phone is the tool you need to help transmit it. Take photos, record videos, and share.

  1. Web Design Matters

Use call to action and tell visitors what you want them to do on your site. Ensure you have all relevant information, including a physical address, email, phone contact placed on your site. Your site should be sleek and inter phase friendly.

  1. Answer Your Phone

Your phone etiquette must be top class and very friendly.

  1. Social Media Best Practices

Make maximum use of the social media to engage your customers and develop it to a community. Tell intriguing stories, post offers and share motivational quotes.


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